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We cordially invite you to try and taste our Rozzen Berry Anthocyanin product and witness for yourself what a difference it can make to your health. Thereafter, we invite you to transform your enthusiasm for our product into your, your friends and also your family’s additional income by simple sharing with your friends, family and also others about the great new product and business plan that you discovered.”


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Bosland, a one stop facility multilevel marketing company, owns a land measuring 3.32 acres, filled with offices, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Bosland is a MLM company incorporated in 1989, it was first formed on the small office table of Lee and partners some twenty five years ago and holding an AJL licence since 1993 (AJL Act 1993).


Through a steadily and solid platform, Bosland has been diversifying its business areas into more extensive fields including:

O F&B and Halal Food Manufacturing Industrial   

O Traditional Medication Manufacturing Industrial

O Contract OEM Manufacturing Industrial

O Traditional Medication Wholesales  

O International Trade & Exporting


Together we bring a new spectrum of business opportunity,good health and great wealth to every family;

Together we originate idea, verve and energy to inspire everyone for a better future and quality living standard;

Together we sow the seeds of virtue revolution to instill a caring and loving community and society;

Together we lead our team moving forwards to new heights, remain competitive and continue to be held in high regard through ethical practices;

Together we act as network individual for leadership, entrepreneurial spirit, teamwork and not position;

Together we nail our pledge down to serve the community with high integrity, impartiality, honesty and loyalty;

Together we divvy up our success, wealth, well-being and goodwill to the public for the great service and selfless.

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NO.1 PT4006 Jalan Perusahaan 5,

Kawasan Perindustrian Kamunting,

34600 Kamunting Perak Malaysia

Tel: 605-891 2004/891 2005

Fax: 605-891 2009

Email: admin@bosland.com.my

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