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Promotion Product BOSLAND CORPORATION (M) SDN. BHD. 180031-P AJL93425 No.1 PT4006 Jalan Perusahaan 5 Kawasan Perindustrian Kamunting   34600 Kamunting Perak Malaysia  Tel : +605-891 2004 / 2005    Fax: +605-891 2009 Main eStore

Discover The Benefits of Caffeine

BOSLAND is a botanical plants based Company, manufacturing a full range of herbal based HALAL food &  beverages, personal healthcare products, nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals.  

Since its humble beginnings nearly 3 decades,

BOSLAND has strived to provide its customers

the safest, most effective consumer products in

the world. Today, our products deliver on this

promise more deeply than ever.


Through a steadily and solid platform, Bosland has been diversifying its business areas into more extensive fields including:

O F&B and Halal Food Manufacturing Industrial   

O Traditional Medication Manufacturing Industrial

O Contract OEM Manufacturing Industrial

O Traditional Medication Wholesales  

O International Trade & Exporting

        With more than 35 years of experience in traditional medication, herbal research and manufacturing industries. JP Lee Hock Tow (KMN) is responsible for all functions pertaining to product research and development, including manufacturing, providing insights, defining mutual objectives, building consensus, and developing strategies to create new product opportunities.

     JP Lee has over 3 decades of Traditional Chinese Medication (TCM) outpatient experience and he has been a “personal doctor /sinseh (physician)” of many patients throughout the country regardless of races.

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