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Ginkgo Coffee

Gingko Coffee is a premium coffee blended with high quality Gingko nanopowder which gives an excellent therapeutic effect for our blood circulation system, memory and brain functions. Gingko is the world's older surviving tree dating back 200 million years. Its longevity is due to its resistance to diseases and pollutions, adaptability and unique biochemical properties. Gingko is being used extensively in the medical field of China almost 5,000 years and has been used as a medicinal agent in west countries over the past 29 years. Chinese apothecaries have traditionally used this herb to treat bronchial, pulmonary and asthmatic conditions.

The important compounds of Ginkgo

"Ginkgo", can increase blood circulation to the brain and extremities, maintain blood vessel elasticity and reduce the risk of blood clot formation. It may also increase oxygen and glucose levels in nerve cells.

a.  Flavonoids (Ginkgo-flavone glycosides):

    Increases blood flow to the brain and activates ad enhances antioxidant effect

b. Terpenoids (Ginkgolides & Bilobalides):

    Inhibits blood clots, anti-inflammation and Platelet-Activating Factor (PAF)


Therapeutics Effects of Gingko:

— * Opens up blocked and narrowed blood vessels (Alzheimer's Disease).

— * Dilutes thick blood & Promote Blood Circulation

— * Improves memory and brain functions

— * Normalizes organs, tissues and cells’ functions

— * Modulates the immune system








松烯二帖醇—有助于预防血管阻塞,抑制人体内所 产生的血小板活性元素(PAF)







银杏咖啡银杏咖啡的保健功能:- 银杏咖啡是采用银杏超微粉配制而成。咖啡加银杏富含多种医

疗价值, 其中包括: *扩张狭窄与阻塞的血管,预防血栓痴呆 - 稀释血液与促进血液循环,预防

中风 - 促进记忆提高大脑功能,预防失忆痴呆 - 恢复器官组织与细胞功能及预防肌肉退化。

Testimony - Pn. Fadzilah

"In my past life, I had been facing health problems such as high cholesterol, allergic, swollen eyes, eyes itchiness, cracked nails and lassitude body condition. After start taking Ginkgo Coffee, the immediate effect found is my eyes no longer swelling, itchy or reddish, and the most importantly is my cholesterol level is back to the normal."