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Golden Series

Horkasai - A fusion drink originates in Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

The famous drink known along the coastal areas of the Taiping Town--- Horkasai, it is a fusion drink that has respective brewing flavor, thus it becomes the most distinctive drink of the Taiping Town, this product is selected the most lauded typified Horkasai flavor, allowing you to cherish the memory and lifestyle of the miners and fishermen in the old days. According to the legend, the miners and fishermen believed by drinking the Horkasai it could provide a positive energy to fight against fatigue as well as the humid and rainy weather in the Taiping Town. As after drinking the Horkasai, they felt full of energy, just like tiger’s power that can defeat the lion - thus they named it as Horkasai, literally in Hokkien means Tiger bites Lion.

     Hence, if you are in the Taiping Town, this is one  drink that you must not missed, it can be served hot or with ice, the taste is exotic good.....

Taiping White Coffee - 3 in 1 Instant White Coffee  

 "White" coffee is a popular brewed coffee which originated in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. The coffee beans are roasted with palm-oil margarine, and the resulting coffee is served with condensed milk. The term "white coffee" originates from the literal translation of its Chinese name, which was introduced in the 19th century by Chinese migrants who came to work in the local tin mines.

Traditionally, Malaysian style "black" coffee roast (Kopi-O) is produced by roasting the beans with sugar, margarine and wheat. "White" coffee, on the other hand, is produced with only margarine and without any sugar, resulting in a less dark roast.  Nowadays, this white coffee has been upgraded into instant 3 in 1 convenient pack and it tastes as delicious as the brewed white coffee.

Taiping Tongkat Ali Coffee - 4 in 1 Instant coffee originates in Malaysia

Taiping Tongkat Ali coffee is a herbal coffee. The Unique blend of coffee which made from Arabica & Robusta fine coffee beans, combined with quality and branded creamer for smoothness and heavenly aroma. Contains Tongkat Ali nanopowder. The Malaysian people drinking Tongkat Ali coffee for strength and vitality.