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Plasmin Capsules MAL09082818T is a all natural dietary supplement for those who have the need to improve their blood circulation.

Plasmin Capsules is an enteric capsule made of special species of earthworm with state of the art biological engineering technology.

Chinese have used earthworm for thousands of years. The famous Compendium Materia Medical describes it as "salty in taste, cold in property, and efficacious in clearing heat, invigorating blood circulation, dissolving stasis, opening up channels, curing stroke, hemiplegia and infantile convulsion," and pointed out that earthworms have self- dissolving ingredients.

Modern scientific research verified the Chinese use of earthworms after finding important enzymes in them. Earthworms may provide three thrombolytic enzymes: fibrinolysin (plasmin), profibrinolysin activator and collagenase. It is nontoxic and good for long-term use without any side effect. It is absorbed into blood circulation system and helps maintain a healthy balance between hemolysis and hemostasis and reduce risks of ischemic cardiovascular problems such as stroke, embolism, thrombus, arteriosclerosis, etc., the risk of diabetic complications including nervous pathological changes and micro circulation disturbances, and maintain healthy arterial functions and promote blood circulation by opening up arteries. It also may help maintain a healthy cholesterol and blood sugar level, reduce blood fat.

How does Plasmin Capsules work?

Plasmin Capsules carries plasmin into intestines and opens up and plasmin is absorbed into blood circulation system. As plasmin has a strong affinity to thrombus it attaches to it. The specific collagenase discomposes the collagen shell and fibrinolysin enters the thrombus with profibrinolysin activator which activates more fibrinolysin. Fibrinolysin dissolves the fibrin inside the thrombus. As thrombus disappears the blood vessel is opened and normal blood circulation restored.

Instructions: Take 2-3 capsules 3 times (preferably half an hour) before meal, or follow instructions from your physician or doctor. Keep in cool and dry place out of reach of children.

Period of Use: 1 cycle is for 3 months, 2-3 cycles may be necessary depending upon seriousness of the problem.

Physical Response: after use for few days the user may experience a sensation like ants walking underneath your skin or some pain and discomfort on the problematic part of the body. Congratulations !!! It is working.