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Slimme  Coffee is designed for those who seek for a natural weight-loss method. It is a high-fibre (Reishi Chitin), rich low-sweetened coffee, can effectively remove body fat, promote gastrointestinal motility, speed up the bowel detoxification and defecation. Caffeine can speed up the decomposition of fat to help break down fat cells. As caffeine penetrates into the skin deeper, the active ingredients can stimulate the digestive distraction of the fatty tissues, to reduce the bloated posture, performing an anti-obesity function.

         Studies have shown that coffee contains anti-dementia substances, such substances can reduce the harmful substances to the body and help prevent some diseases. Scientists say that when oxygen inside the body mixed with other chemicals, will form the harmful substances that destruct cells and body tissues blindly, this is the cause of heart disease, vascular disease, tumour cancer, immune system decline and the neurasthenia. Coffee research centre in United States reveals that coffee contains 4 times higher of anti-Alzheimer's substances than tea. In strengthening the body's mechanism of disease prevention, nutrition plays a major role to combat cardiovascular disease, and the coffee itself is also fulfilling the principles of

antioxidants, colour (deep) and also has a bitter taste.

Coffee has always been known as the "health angels" , its role in health are:

1.  Refreshing – Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system, maintains

     clear mind, plentiful thinking, increases one's concentration ability and

     improve work efficiency.

2.  Strengthening the bones, waist and knee muscles – Caffeine increases

     muscle free contraction, improves the sport ability.

3.  Increase appetite and digestion – Caffeine stimulates gastrointestinal

     secretion of gastric acid digestion, promotes bowel movements and helps

     digestion, prevents gastroptosis and accelerates laxative effect.

4.  Urinary tract dehumidification–Caffeine promotes kidney function, and

     expels excessive sodium in the body, improves urine output and improves

     abdominal distension edema.

5.  Blood circulation and stasis resolving – Coffee contains linoleic acid, with

     hemolysis and to prevent thrombosis, increase blood vessel contraction,

     migraine headaches, lower the risk of having stroke.

6.  Nourish lungs and relieve asthma–caffeine inhibits the parasympathetic

     nerves, reduces asthma attack.

7.  Dampness deodorant– Caffeine contains tannin, the taste has a very strong

     adsorption ability. Coffee can remove the odor quickly.

8.  A cup of coffee could be protecting liver, relieving hangover.

9.  Drinking coffee can lose weight and the best time is after lunch 30 minutes

     to 1 hour and before back from work, enjoy a cup of rich non-sweetened

     coffee, and couple with walking, can promote fat burning.

10. Coffee can be effective in improving blood pressure.

11. Coffee has an antioxidant function it helps to prevent cancer, anti-aging.

Testimony - Pn. Maryam

"Before this, my weight was 75kg and after I start taking coffee Slimme for  2 weeks continuously, my weight down to 71kg. In short, my weight has been reduced by 4 kg only in two weeks.

     Everyday, I take one sachet of Slimme Coffee before breakfast and another one sachet in evening."

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