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Whitefully Pearl hi-cal milk

Whitefully Pearl is a high calcium milk premixed with premium pearl powder which has been processed by Nano Technology. Nano pearl powder is the finest calcium powder which can be easily absorbed into the body system. Pearl powder has been widely used for its medicinal functions such as enhancing a fairer complexion, calming effects, improving quality of sleep and metabolism. Whitefully serves as a great food supplement for preventing osteoporosis as its high calcium content helps in strengthening brittle bones. Reports from nutritional experts state that daily intake of calcium should not be lower than 800 mg. Compulsory daily intake of 500mg for adult males and 400mg for adult females are recommended. However, it is strongly stressed that females need a higher intake of up to 1000mg daily going up to 1500mg during their gestation period. Each sachet of Whitefully

contains at least 800 mg of calcium which is easily absorbed into the body system.

 It is therefore the host ideal source of calcium for our body, this has further promote

to the metabolism process, being regarded as the most ideal calcium source to

the body. It is recommended that Whitefully be taken once or twice daily, ie in

the morning as part of your meal and once before bedtime. Taking Whitefully before

bedtime reduces thickness of blood, thus preventing night cramps.

How much of pure calcium content in pearl powder ?

Calcium content is high, pearl powder contains 90-92% of Ca2+(calcium activated),

the original content is achieving 38% - 40%, if consumed 600mg daily is equivalent

 to 220—240mg. It is four(4) times higher than calcium gluconate tablets, this is an

 ideal calcium content. Analysis indicates that shell is rich in calcium element, mainly

 and up to 95% consisting of calcium carbonate.

Will calcium in pearl powder induce kidney stones ?

Some may have doubts that calcium carbonate in pearl powder may contribute to

kidney stones formation. In fact, the human body itself may able to modulate the

absorption level of calcium. American Havard Medical School has proven that excessive

calcium intake not only may not induce to kidney stones,yet it helps to reduce the

risk of having kidney stones down 1/3.

Why choose pearl powder calcium ?

Pearl powder calcium is digestive and easily absorbed,there are two types of calcium

supplements in the market,that is organic calcium and non-organic calcium, its

absorptivity is between 25—32%, Calcium Gluconate 27%, Calcium Lactate 30%,

ordinary pearl powder 29%. if the pearl powder is being refined into submicron

powder (nanometer), then its absorptivity will increase. The lysine in pearl powder

may stimulate Pepsin and gastric acid secretion to increase appetite, and

further increase for the calcium absorptivity and accuimulative, also accelerate

for bones growth. Japanese doctor li yi zhun emphasizes deeply upon pearl powder

calcium intake.

Why applying Nanotechnology for pearl powder preparation ?

The utilization of the nanometer pulverization machine makes the superfine pearl

powder with dimension 10-25micron. Nano pearl powder has a strong surface

absorptivity and appetency. Thus, it is easily absorbable and digestible by the

human body for its high dispersity and solubility. Research reveals that the main

advantage of Nanotechnology preparation is the faster rate of absorption of food

nutrients by human body.

The food nutritionist quoted, the dispersing of nutrients (active ingredients) of health

food and herbs is occurring in the cells and within its interval, but mainly inside the cells.

Testimony - Fidelia Valilian

"I use Pearl Whitefully milk powder as a mask, each time apply it for 10 minutes, every time after washing, my whole face becomes shiny and elastic."

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